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Well, well, well!


Week 5 showed is plenty and left us wanting much, much more.


  • The Colts trotted into Arrowhead and stole one from the Chiefs. Marlon Mack ran wild and that’s just about all that happened… Unless you are a Byron Pringle truther… Because he was a thing last week.

  • The Patriots weren’t tested (again), which makes you think (again) about how badly the match committee got the schedule wrong (again). The Patriots DST (I know, I know we are an IDP consensus, I get it DST is blasphemous) have been going nuts. And as we just saw what they did to the New York Giants this Thursday in Week 6, they added another 2 touchdowns from a fumble recovery and a blocked punt. They do this often, so right now we can’t call it a fluke.

  • Kirk Cousins himself had a day and everyone clapped and cheered and sipped tea and had a great time! But in the grand scheme of things, did he really have a good day? Sure, he had 313 yards against the NY Giants which seems great bit really you think that would and should be the norm for one of the league’s highest paid Quarterbacks, no? For the record if we are talking yards, Dak Prescott had 405 yards against the Giants, Josh Allen had 253 yards (off 19 completions) against the Giants, and Jameis Winston had 380 yards against the Giants. So again, did he really have that good of a week? The Vikings are at home against the Eagles this week, back-to-back performances ‘like’ this and maybe he becomes stream-able again. Maybe.

  • Bye, bye, bye Jay Gruden we hardly knew ye. I’m sure the taxes in Nevada will be great for you next year, take a spell and relax for the time being. We can’t say you left Washington a pile of trash after you left it because let’s face it, the place was a dank pit before you got there 5 years ago...

  • Oakland gave the Poms and the Raiders fans (‘sup Richie!) something to cheer for with a positive record heading into the Bye as ‘Josh Jacobs’ and ‘Offensive Rookie of The Year’ doesn’t sound so bad right about now, does it?

  • Tyler Lockett is a freak, but Russell Wilson is that damn good, that even I probably would have gone 8-2-23-1 if I lined up against the Rams last week. And I’ve never caught a ball in my life. That speaks to how good Wilson is, and maybe to how bad the Rams are of late. Coughing up 85 points to Seattle and Tampa in the last 2 weeks. Nah but I’m sure wunderkind Sean McVay will fix everything by reciting the alphabet or whatever he does, maybe...


or maybe not...


...but maybe I just crack onto this week’s Fantasy Impact for Week 6, yeah?




  1. If you haven’t grabbed Chase Edmonds of your waiver wire or made an offer, then you are doing this #FantasyFootball thing wrong. Easily the best handcuff in the league (that isn’t in an ‘RBBC), and with David Johnson having back tightness late in the week, Edmunds would be a must-start against Atlanta at home who still hate Running Backs who can catch.

  2. Mark Walton (damn you, Barker who outbid me by $1 in the #BRIL) is worth a stash in all formats. Clearly Miami doesn’t care for Kenyan Drake or Kalen Ballage but grabbing a potential starting Running Back at this time of the year is tough and Walton could be that guy for the Dolphins and you. It’s a dart throw but you could do worse... I’m not sure how but there’s got to be a way somehow.

  3. Melvin Gordon is back. Hunter Henry is probably back. Mike Williams is just about fully healthy. Kennan Allen and Austin Ekeler have set the league on fire this year. And Philip Rivers... meh. But they get the Steelers this week on the road in prime time. I’m not normally a ‘trade for a Quarterback’ guy but if you were to buy-low on someone Rivers (in redraft) might be that guy as a bounce-back with that team (and not the half of a team they have used this year) could be the start of something special for them.



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  1. I’m taking Seattle with the -2.5 start at Cleveland this week. I have no faith in the Browns and the Seahawks will do enough to never lose control of this one.

  2. The 49ers at home to the Rams and the ‘Overs’ currently set at 50.5. Easy. Chalk that one up.

  3. Wait, wait, wait... The Buccaneers beat Carolina away from home, smacked the Rams for 55 and now face a Cam Newton-less Panthers at home AND have the +2.5 start? Really? And the O/U is currently still set at 47.5? Really? I’ll take the Buccaneers at ‘home’ with the ‘+2.5’ and the ‘Overs’, thanks!


DFS - 

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  1. Jared Cook is only $3400 against the Jaguars, who seem to be ok with Tight Ends scoring some points. A sneaky cheap play no one is talking about considering the Tight End Landscape Is Atrocious.

  2. Chalk is chalk and the Bengals suck at defending the run. Or the walk. Or those in a comatose state floating, somehow.... but I digress: I’m stacking the life out of Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram everywhere - feel free to flex Gus Edwards, who could break one off - you never know.

  3. Terry McLaurin is valued at $6000 vs Miami which to be fair seems expensive, but he is that damn good and Miami is that damn bad. However, a cheaper play if you want one - Robby Anderson at $4000 who could be worth a punt - they do get Dallas at home which isn’t great, but he does get Sam Darnold back which is. Do you know what isn’t great? Mono, Sam. Mono. Get your head in the game lad!


And there you have it!


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